Swype Keyboard for Android +4.0

Swype Keyboard for Android +4.0


Swype Keyboard is a new and great keyboard released by Nuance Communications Inc. for Android phones and tablets and it sells for $ 0.99 in the Android Market. It can be said that this keyboard was the best-selling keyboard on Google Play Because the original idea was not an imitation!

Swype is a good choice for you. Whether you are a fast typist or an accurate typist, Swype is ready to provide you with a better and faster keyboard experience that becomes smarter with more use. Swype focuses on how you enter text and, accordingly, creates a personal language model that follows you on each device.

Swype Keyboard Features

Swype now has all of its new features in its store, including paid themes, including Star Trek themes, color themes, and more. Press and hold the Swype key to access the Swype Store and customize your Swype keyboard The new emoji version of the Swype Keyboard lets you quickly express your emotions through hundreds of emojis listed. To quickly enter the emoji keyboard, press and hold the Enter key Bilingual Support - Now Swype lets you enter words from two languages on one keyboard! Words suggested by Swype are automatically added to your bilingual language settings. More customization options - Swype lets you customize your keyboard in landscape mode for latency, shake duration, keyboard height, and left / right mini keyboard.

Swype Keyboard Tips

- Install the program but do not run it. - Install and run Lucky Patcher. - Touch and hold Swype, then select Custom patch and then com.nuance.swype.dtc to patch the application.

To add English, first go to settings and download English in the Language section.

Last changes Swype Keyboard

V2.1.1 Crash fixes v2.1.0 Stabilization fixes and optimizations Improvements to auto-correction Refreshes to a number of keyboard languages Full Android M support New input method for Chinese On top-inline writing

System requirements

Android 4.0 and above


If there is a problem with the installation, first delete the previous version and then reinstall the program!