SolidWorks 2021 SP2.0 Full Premium x64

SolidWorks 2021 SP2.0 Full Premium x64


SolidWorks is one of the well-known and powerful products of the French company Dassault Systmes, which is considered in the category of CAD software (stands for Computer-aided design). This program has three parts and environment: Part, Assembly and Drawing. The first environment is for drawing and designing the piece, the second environment is for assembling or assembling the designed parts on top of each other, and the third environment is for drawing the map and finalizing it for printing. SolidWorks is easier and faster to use than CAD-like software, and can be a great way to start learning computer-aided design. SolidWorks' main competition is with Mechanical Desktop software and its replacement is Inventor from Autodesk, as well as Solid Edge software from Siemens.

Features and specifications of SolidWorks Premium software

- Performing a completely professional design at the same time with a simple user interface and high speed

- Performing various design operations and drawing various geometric shapes and curves, symmetricizing the original object in three dimensions, applying gradients on surfaces and

- Includes various sections of sheet metal, welding, casting, molding and

- Ability to connect with most machining software such as Edgecam, MasterCam, PowerMILL and and analysis software such as Adams, Abaqus, Ansys and

- Has separate tools and modules for simulation and design analysis such as Simulation, Motion, Flow Simulation, SW Composer eDrawings

- The 2014 version is the latest version that also offers a 32-bit version of the software, and the 2015 version and later will be released in a 64-bit version only.

- The software is offered in three main versions, the Premium version being the most complete.

System requirements

See the full table of software and hardware minimums here.


Listed in the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

To reduce the size, additional languages of the program, which is 3 GB, are removed from the main package and placed separately; English and English speaking users do not need to receive it.

To run the 2019 version faster, go to C: \ ProgramData \ FLEXnet and delete all files containing SW_D characters.