Turbo Download Manager 4.19 for Android +2.3

Turbo Download Manager 4.19 for Android +2.3


Turbo Download Manager software helps you to download your files easily and quickly on Android. Increase your download speed up to 5 times with this software. This software was the first software to download files on Google Play. To download by this software, you have to hold your finger on the link and then click Share Link and then select Turbo Download Manager to start downloading at high speed. Among the features that have made this software popular are the ability to stop downloading, continue downloading and create different connections to download the file.


- High speed download - Download files with high volume without any restrictions - Support for Android Stock Browser, Dolphin HD, Firefox, Skyfire, Miren, UC Browser and Boat Browser browsers - Has the ability to stop downloading, continue downloading, queuing files - Show Notification for downloads - Download multiple files simultaneously - Has the ability to connect to multiple connections - Ability to create 10 connections for download - The storage location of downloaded files can be changed. - Add link URLs manually - Start and stop the download queue - Has Turbo mode for download

Changes in the latest version of Turbo Download Manager 4.19

=> Fixed issues with intercepting URL links from Chrome 4.18 Update => Performance Enhancements 4.17 Update => Fixed issues with intercepting URL links => Added new options in Settings => Few UI enhancements 4.16 Update => Fixed issue with Data Offset => Several UI issues fixed 4.15 Update => Fixed issue with Connection timeouts 4.14 Update => Added option for Update URL path for broken links => Few enhancements and fixes => Few performance improvements

System requirements

Android 2.3 and up



If there is an installation error, first remove the previous version and then install the new version.