WinRAR 6.0 x86/x64 + Portable

WinRAR 6.0 x86/x64 + Portable


WinRAR is the most popular, popular and perhaps the best file archiving and compression software and is one of the programs that every user will need. The first official and public version of the program was released in 1995 as a 16-bit version for Windows version 3.x, and based on user feedback, in each new version, we see a better and more complete use of this software.

Version 5 of the new RAR5 format was introduced, which has better support for multicore processors and several times the dictionary size for better compression than its features.

Features and specifications of WinRAR software:

- Compress files with the best compression methods

- Support for more compression files

- Encrypt files (password)

- Creating a compressed file in an executable manner and thus extracting it without the need for a program

- Make an installation version of one or more files with advanced settings

- Divide a file into several files with the desired size

- Repair incomplete downloaded files

The set of changes made in WinRAR can be viewed here.

WinRAR Program Tips:

- This software has different skins to change the traditional appearance of the program, which can be viewed and downloaded here.

- The amount of compression of different formats is different and some files are compressed well, sometimes reaching less than one third of the original volume, and others do not make a difference in the best compression mode.

- A WinRAR application feature is the ability to repair and recover downloaded files that are incompletely downloaded; To use this feature, click on Repair on the main page of the program. There are two conditions for concluding this feature; The first is that the possibility of repair has been added to the compressed file, and the second is the degree of defect of the downloaded file, which should not exceed 5% of the total file size.

- To facilitate the extraction of encrypted and password-protected files, you can enter the relevant password in the default password field and select the extraction time with one click; To do this, press Ctrl + P on the application page or select Set default password from the File menu. Click ize Organize passwords and click Add in the window that opens. In the Password information window and in the Password text field, enter the desired password and click OK.

- ISO format is in the list of supported formats WinRAR, which is better to remove these files with this format, to be removed from the list of support; To do this, uncheck ISO during installation or run the program after installation and select Setting from the Option menu and go to the Integration tab and do the same.

System requirements

Windows All


After installation, copy the file in the Crack folder to the software installation location.


WinRAR 6.0 x86/x64 + Portable