Neat Download Manager 1.1 Windows/macOS

Neat Download Manager 1.1 Windows/macOS


Neat Download Manager is an application for download management on Windows and Mac operating systems. The software in front of you, along with the simple user interface that has made it easy for you to access the capabilities of this product, uses a very light and small volume. Therefore, this software can meet your needs in the download management section with the least use of your system resources. In fact, this software is designed and published in such a way that you can easily download and save your various types of files on the web.

Neat Download Manager software also uses suitable extensions for various browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Opera. This way, with the help of these plugins, you can easily add everything that you are going to download from different browsers and web space to your download list in this program with one click. Also, the main feature of this software is the feature by which the downloaded files are received as fast as possible and the maximum available bandwidth.

You can also use this program to organize all downloaded or downloaded files. Your categories can be based on file type and format such as image, video, audio or download status (complete, incomplete). Support for HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols and the ability to add a proxy are just some of the many features of this program.

Features of Neat Download Manager:

Very simple and convenient user interface that provides the best working conditions for the user

Allows downloads with maximum speed based on your internet bandwidth

It is possible to organize files based on download status and different formats

Supports HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols and the ability to add proxies

Supports HTTP authentication and proxy authentication (Basic, Digest, NTLM)

It will be possible to stop and continue downloading at any time from your downloads

Benefit from the ability to adjust and limit download speeds

System requirements

Neat Download Manager System Requirements

Windows 7 or higher OS X 10.10 or higher


This software is free and produced by Mr. Javad Motalebi.


Neat Download Manager 1.1 Windows/macOS