Folx Pro 5.24.13966/ GO+ 5.21 macOS

Folx Pro 5.24.13966/ GO+ 5.21 macOS


Folx Pro is a powerful download manager for Mac users. This software with a modern and beautiful appearance has all the features that are expected from a download manager. Using this program, downloading files will be very easy. Just open the desired page in the browser and click on the download link. The download manager window opens and the file download begins. This tool, like other download managers, speeds up downloads by splitting the file between several separate threads. In fact, the file is fragmented and each piece is downloaded by a separate thread, which will improve the download speed and acceleration. Also, for download links that allow Resume, the download can be continued at any time.

One of the interesting features of this software is the ability to tag downloaded files. Using tags, downloaded files are classified into different categories, and thus searching will be much easier and more systematic than before. Using the download schedule section, you can manage your overnight downloads and download the files you want according to the preset schedule. For each download link you can enter the number of download attempts. What to do after downloading and other things. Another strength of this program is the built-in torrent file client. This means you can download torrents directly using this download manager. You will also be able to search between torrent files.

Features of Folx Pro

Beautiful appearance and user friendly

Increase download speed by dividing the download between 10 separate threads

Ability to manage and schedule downloads

Ability to resume download links

Ability to search and download torrents and magnet links directly

Ability to limit download speeds to save traffic

Ability to login with usernames and passwords to the desired sites for download

Ability to download directly from YouTube

Ability to send downloaded music and videos directly to iTunes with the specified tags

Ability to tag downloaded files for easier search and classification


System requirements

OS X 10.9 or later 64 bit


Install and use.


Folx Pro 5.24.13966/ GO+ 5.21 macOS