Addict Component Suite 4.9 for D7-XE7

Addict Component Suite 4.9 for D7-XE7


Addict Component Suite is a professional suite of Delphi VCL components designed to add spelling and dictionary typing capabilities to applications. This set contains many components and routines, but its most important features are: Checking spelling mistakes that, like Word, mark the wrong words with a red hash, and with the right click you can select the appropriate word or in the window that appears, add the new word to the dictionary. added. Glossary of terms and phrases is another feature of this component. You can search for synonyms or antonyms in the text and replace them with the appropriate one.

In addition to its many capabilities, this component uses a complete API to process text, search the dictionary, correct errors, provide suggested words, terms, and more. This component fully supports Unicode, which means full compatibility with languages such as English and Arabic. Addict Component Suite is a component that has been developed for Delphi and C ++ Builder for over a decade. This long history has given the program a complete dictionary and many producers and partners to contribute to its enrichment.

Features of Addict Component Suite

Spelling and live display of errors with red hash

Search for synonyms and antonyms with the possibility of suggesting alternative words

Advanced text processing and word replacement in the app

Rich and complete API

Full support for Delphi and C ++ Builder

Simple and efficient graphical interface

Automatic correction of text errors

Ability to add new words to the dictionary

Unicode support (resulting in English)

Compatible with older versions of the component and the possibility of upgrading to newer versions

Low component size compared to its many features


System requirements

Delphi 7, and Delphi 2005-XE win32 C++Builder 2006-XE win32 Turbo Delphi Professional win32 Turbo C++ Professional win32


Copy cracked files to the program installation location.


Addict Component Suite 4.9 for D7-XE7