Gerber AccuMark Family + New Crack

Gerber AccuMark Family + New Crack


AccuMark is a professional software for designing clothing patterns. Using this program, you can easily enter the patterns that you have drawn on paper into the program and digitally and completely accurately adjust the desired patterns and produce them in different dimensions. This program has world standard sizing tables and does many parts of the work automatically and intelligently. The program provides many capabilities for template designers, some of which are impossible to do manually on paper or take a lot of time.

In this program, clothing manufacturers can arrange different pieces of fabric and patterns of clothing with any type of taste along the fabric, thus minimizing the amount of fabric. On an industrial scale, the smallest dumping brings a lot of financial losses, and the textile industry is making great efforts to reduce these dumps. This program and other similar programs help a lot by making the pattern design process smarter. One of the distinctive features of this program is the possibility of displaying the pattern designed on the mannequin body in three dimensions.

In fact, before you start sewing and the actual physical dose of the dress, a simulated sample with specific dimensions and sizes is displayed on the mannequin body in three dimensions in order to prevent these mistakes if there is a problem before incurring costs. We recommend textile engineers and pattern designers who are interested in professional activities in this field to use this program to increase their flexibility and speed of work. The quality and accuracy of this program is very high and many garment industries around the world use this program professionally in their products.

AccuMark Compatibility

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7even


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Gerber AccuMark Family + New Crack