Altair ESAComp 2020.0.0.22 x86

Altair ESAComp 2020.0.0.22 x86


ESAComp is a suitable software for analyzing and designing composites. Composite is a new class of synthetic materials that combine the properties of different materials together. Fiberglass, for example, is a versatile composite made from polymer-based materials, reinforced with fiberglass, and lightweight at the same time. Composites have many applications in various industries, such as for the construction of radar evacuation fighters, aircraft parts, wind turbine blades, helicopter blades, and in the aerospace industry for the construction of aerospace clothing, space shuttle hulls, and so on. Making composites to achieve the desired results is not an easy task, different analyzes and studies must be done on the properties of different materials and compounds to reach an acceptable result.

More information

ESAComp software is a product provided by Componeering to facilitate this process. This program is able to help specialists from the most basic stages of designing the layers used in composites to accurate and meticulous analysis of the structure of composites. This program uses new finite element methods for analysis and has a high accuracy in this work. This software is a standalone package and by installing it you will not need to install other programs. This program is also suitable for educational purposes because it has an extensive database of various materials that can be combined to analyze the properties and results of the combination. This is expensive and unnecessary in the real world. The analyzes performed by this program range from macroscopic surfaces, examination of appearance properties to micromechanical analysis of composites. ComPoLyX is also a good tool for post-processing work in composite products, which will have many applications alongside ESAComp software.

System requirements

Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10


In the Readme file in the Crack folder.


Altair ESAComp 2020.0.0.22 x86