Laracasts – Full Dump 2020-10

Laracasts – Full Dump 2020-10


Full Dump is the name of the Laracasts Web site for modern web development training. This collection gives you almost everything you need to strengthen your web development skills; From different frameworks and languages, to a variety of techniques and tools. In this collection, you will get acquainted with CSS, JavaScript, HTML5 and PHP languages and learn how to use their famous libraries and frameworks. The training in this collection is so comprehensive that almost no aspect of these frameworks is left without learning. For example, the tutorials in this series about the famous Laravel framework for PHP, including a comprehensive tutorial from beginning to end, reviewing new features in each version, building applications, using it alongside other technologies such as and much more. May be.

Other tutorials in this collection include Vue, React, and Alpine.js for JavaScript and Tailwind for CSS. It also covers object-oriented concepts in PHP, as well as JavaScript methods for server-side applications. Application tricks and techniques in this collection include clean code writing techniques, design templates in PHP, adding payment gateways, Laravel authentication techniques, SOLID principles in PHP, and more. It also teaches various tests to check the function of different components; Things like testing Jargon, Laravel, Vue, innovative integration test and combining Laravel with Cypress. Educational tools in this collection include MySQL database, Sublime Text software, Visual Studio Code, Vim Mastery and many more.

What do you learn?

Familiarity with various aspects of modern web development

Familiarity with CSS, JavaScript, HTML5 and PHP languages

Familiarity with popular web development libraries and frameworks including Laravel, Vue, React and Tailwind

Principles, rules and coding techniques in web development

Test frameworks and integrate test tools

Familiarity with various tools such as source code editing tools or data management


Full Dump Profile

Publisher: Laracasts

Instructor: Jeffrey Way

English language

Level of training: from basic to advanced

Number of courses: 81 courses in 5 sections

Duration: 174h: 18m

Full Dump chapters

Frameworks 26.79 GB

Advanced Eloquent 254.03 MB Alpine.js 843.01 MB Blade Component Cookbook 528.38 MB Build A Laravel App With TDD 2.30 GB Build a Stock Tracker App 770.78 MB Build a Video Game Aggregator 1.67 GB Community Contributions 582.75 MB Discover Symfony Components 180.55 MB Do You React 338.21 MB Eloquent Relationships 314.28 MB Eloquent Techniques 196.09 MB How to Create Custom Laravel Presets 138.50 MB Intermediate Laravel 647.92 MB Laravel Explained 469.16 MB Laravel From Scratch 2.62 GB Laravel, Vue and SPAs 351.31 MB Learn Socialite 153.37 MB Learn Telescope 145.67 MB Learn Vue 2 Step By Step 2.06 GB Let’s Build A Forum with Laravel and TDD 6.28 GB Livewire Basics 1.08 GB Practical Vue Components 483.00 MB Real-time Laravel with 160.20 MB Rebuild GitHub with Tailwind 692.70 MB What’s New in Laravel 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 5.7, 5.8 – 717.30, 201.58, 724.93, 132.18, 385.98, 216.31, 92.90, 95.66 MB What’s New in Laravel 6 185.06 MB What’s New in Laravel 7 271.97 MB What’s New in Laravel 8 235.99 MB What’s New in Vue 3 498.61 MB

Languages 3.56 GB

CSS 2.07 GB ES2015 Crash Course 477.13 MB HTML5 Video and VideoJS 234.47 MB JavaScript Techniques For Server-Side Applications 346.21 MB Object-Oriented Principles in PHP 333.08 MB PHP Bits 139.39 MB

Techniques 7.60 GB

10 Techniques for Cleaner Code 437.83 MB Building Laracasts 494.78 MB Code Reflections 367.80 MB Design Patterns in PHP 397.33 MB Get Real With Laravel Echo 334.65 MB How Do I 1.37 GB How to Accept Payments 864.99 MB How to Read Code 499.69 MB Laravel Authentication Techniques 217.81 MB Multitenancy in Practice 434.77 MB Open-Closed Workshop 268.16 MB Queue it Up 305.96 MB Refactoring Workshops 488.55 MB Simple Rules for Simpler Code 197.59 MB SOLID Principles in PHP 114.59 MB Three-Minute Tips 15.24 MB Whip Monstrous Code Into Shape 939.46 MB

Testing 3.47 GB

Build a Staging Server 100.25 MB Code Katas with PHPUnit 788.51 MB Cypress and Laravel Integration 443.28 MB Intuitive Integration Testing 300.76 MB Testing Jargon 256.31 MB Testing Laravel 1.02 GB Testing Vue 612.61 MB

Tooling 6.82 GB

Be Awesome in PHPStorm 288.57 MB Envoyer 119.57 MB Git Me Some Version Control 421.65 MB How to Manage an Open Source Project 1.76 GB Laravel Nova Mastery 381.14 MB Laravel Spark 119.61 MB Learn Laravel Forge 281.44 MB Learn Laravel Mix 406.06 MB Learn Redis Through Examples 290.16 MB MySQL Database Design 522.85 MB Russian-Doll Caching in Laravel 395.25 MB Sublime Text 586.17 MB Vim Mastery 632.20 MB Visual Studio Code for PHP Developers 391.28 MB Webpack for Everyone 342.95 MB


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Laracasts – Full Dump 2020-10

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