DeployLX 5.1.r5866 Professional

DeployLX 5.1.r5866 Professional


DeployLX is an application for adding protection against copying .NET applications, library control, or ASP.NET. DeployLX has a library of copy protection methods that you can integrate with your product. Instead of writing custom rules in your code and learning secret ways to enforce different rules, you can call a method from this library. This library uses the same SSL encryption to protect e-commerce transactions. The keys are divided into two categories. Private key for creating and encrypting and public key stored in the software that is used to authenticate the license.

Features and capabilities of DeployLX

Protect .NET assemblies such as Windows applications, libraries, ASP.NET components and Windows services

Easy to use to create editing tool permissions

Advanced license editing tool to control all specific license options and restrictions

Variable license, change software license rules without recompiling

Easy to use interface with special effects and advanced graphics

Customizable color schemes

Customize backgrounds, logos and icons

Easy to use theme editor

Use one of the 5 serial number algorithms built or build a personal algorithm

Need serial number from previous versions to upgrade serial number

Initialize the time and use the constraint when the serial number is entered

Record registration details and send them to a server

Automatic online activation

Remote monitoring and revocation of licenses

Hosting a personal license server with an ASP.NET compatible service provider

Remote management for network administrators

Connect to network services over the Internet

System requirements

Intel Pentium, AMD Athlon, or compatible processor.

Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003/2008/2012, XP

32-bit or 64-bit

1GB of RAM

Up to 60MB of available hard-disk space

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5* or later. .NET 2.0 and later projects are supported, however the DeployLX tools themselves require at least .NET 3.5.



Available in the Readme.txt file.


DeployLX 5.1.r5866 Professional