Intersoft Premier Studio 2016 R1 + Mobile Studio 2016

Intersoft Premier Studio 2016 R1 + Mobile Studio 2016


Intersoft Premier Studio is a complete toolbox of .NET components. So far, various by-products have been provided for the .NET platform and programming tools, such as Visual Studio, various companies have provided various components, controls and libraries, and the present collection is also one of the largest component collections for .NET programmers. By receiving this set, developers will have more than 500 different components in 7 .NET platforms. For each of the Silverlight platforms, wpf,, mobile programming and separate components have been prepared, the use of which will speed up coding.

Intersoft Premier Studio is provided with complete documentation, training tours, sample codes as well as sample business applications, which allows developers to quickly learn how to use the components of this collection. This product fully supports Visual Studio 2015 and Blend 4 programming environment. This integration and compatibility will give you the best coding experience. In fact, using components does not require referencing and other side effects.

All controls and components are integrated with the Visual Studio environment and you use them just like regular controls. This feature will increase the productivity and accelerate the development of your application. The use of ready-made components and libraries, especially those provided by companies and professional teams, is recommended, because the developer is comfortable with the fact that this product is professionally supported by the development team and their problems are solved. No need to worry about bugs and problems. These problems will be fixed as soon as the report is made to the manufacturer. By downloading and replacing the new version of the component, you can fix the defects in your program without an additional coding line.

System requirements


Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.


Intersoft Premier Studio 2016 R1 + Mobile Studio 2016