IDM UEStudio x86/x64 + Portable

IDM UEStudio x86/x64 + Portable


UEStudio is a powerful editor for programmers and programming teams. This program is a complement of the company's UltraEdit software, UltraEdit was software that was released in 1994 for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms by IDM Computer Solutions. This powerful editor includes many tools for programmers. Features such as macro support, advanced and customizable syntax highlighting, code indentation display, file conversion, project management, support for regular expressions for search and replacement, access to remote files via FTP, interfaces for various APIs and various line commands Command and are just some of the features of this powerful editor.

UEStudio now comes with the same features as the UltraEdit, plus built-in support for 30 popular compilers including php, perl, c ++, c +, integrated debugger and source control, built-in class browser, language intellisense, project converter, group builds and many more It is now available to the programming community. The philosophy of this software is based on the numerous requests of users in the UltraEdit product, and now, by supporting the capabilities requested by users, a perfect and efficient product has been offered to programmers.

Features and UEStudio

Supports 30 built-in compilers without the need to download additional files

Support for large files

Enjoy a large number of beautiful themes with the ability to increase

Ability to select and edit multiple and multiple locations in a file

Advanced search with support for regular phrases

Ability to edit columns simultaneously

Supports 4K and UHD screens like Apple Retina

Integration of FTP, SSH and Telnet for telecommunications

Full git support and integration with the editor environment

Powerful and customizable user interface


System requirements

Please note: The most recent version of UEStudio is not compatible with Windows XP.


There are two keygen and patch methods for activation.

In the case of the Keygen method, install the program and then run the Keygen file in the Crack folder with Run as administrator. Click on the Patch host file. Now run the program and click on Register / Activate from the Help menu. Enter and confirm the desired items in the License ID and Password fields to display the activation type change window and the Offline Activation option. Run the file and copy User Code 1 and User Code 2 from the Offline Activation window and enter it in Keygen, then click Generate and enter the Authorization Codes generated and Activate; License ID and Password are also optional.

The patch method is also done by selecting the program and applying the patch.