Cisco NX-OS Titanium 6.2.1 Image for Virtual Box GNS3 6.2.1

Cisco NX-OS Titanium 6.2.1 Image for Virtual Box GNS3 6.2.1


NX-OS is the name of Cisco operating system for the company's new equipment. Cisco has designed a dedicated operating system for some of its telecommunications equipment, such as switches and routers, so that the network administrator can easily configure and use it. In physical equipment, the operating system, in the role of a soft interface, simplifies the task of hardware configuration, such as the BIOS of computer systems, in which various system configurations and configurations can be applied. People who deal with such equipment should definitely be familiar with this operating system in order to be able to properly configure and set up routers or switches and other hardware.

NX-OS is based on Linux and can communicate as a middle layer with the size of the company's operating systems. The command line of this operating system is the same as the previous operating system of this company, ie IOS (do not confuse it with Apple IOS!). Key features of this powerful operating system include sysmgr or system management, pss or continuous data storage service and mts or messaging service and transactions. There are other specialized features that you should consider yourself.

But one of the questions that can be asked is what is the difference between this operating system and the old Cisco operating system, IOS? You see, NX-OS does not support the login command to switch between users, it does not differentiate between standard and extended access lists, it does not support scp server lower than version 5.1, it uses copy instead of write command, when a user enters this system The agent accesses, the user is set directly to the set access level, and finally the SSH server is enabled by default but the talent is disabled.

Switches running NX-OS

Nexus B22 (HP, Dell, Fujitsu) Nexus 9000 series Nexus 7700 series Nexus 7000 series Nexus 6000 series Nexus 5000 series Nexus 4000 (for IBM BladeCenter) Nexus 2000 series Nexus 3000 Nexus 1000V MDS 9700 FC Directors MDS 9500 FC Directors[3] MDS 9250i FC Switch MDS 9222i FC Switch MDS 9100 FC Switches


Images to explore Cisco NX-OS you can simply run in Virtual Box-e, and you can integrate into GNS3 a rare thing, was looking for some time, downloaded from here –