R&B Mold Design Products for SOLIDWORKS 2019-05-01

R&B Mold Design Products for SOLIDWORKS 2019-05-01


MoldWorks is an engineering and specialized plugin for designing and simulating industrial molds. In fact, this software product is considered as the most powerful and flexible solution available in the mold making industry today. With the help of this product, you will be able to creatively and intelligently implement your ideas in the field of design and modeling of injection molds (molding industry) well. All modeling capabilities have been made possible by having very comprehensive 3D design tools provided by the creators of this software.

In the MoldWorks software environment, you will be able to see previews of your modeling exactly at the time of your design and simulations. This will significantly reduce your design time. There are also tools at all design stages that make it easy to make changes to your modeling. It also automatically creates 2D page maps to shorten the design process, while also calculating the dimensions required for your designs.

The basic and very useful feature of this program is related to the Mold Base Library. In fact, a large number of ready-made templates in different dimensions and standards are already included in these libraries. In this way, depending on your needs, you can find the template you want from the available libraries and then work on them custom.

Features of MoldWorks plugin:

Very high flexibility in 3D modeling

Benefit from more than 15 comprehensive libraries of basic templates

Create a two-dimensional map of your original and three-dimensional design automatically

Ability to design industrial molds based on parametric technology

Advanced engineering modeling for advanced injection molds

Existence of standard standard and non-standard formats in separate libraries

In addition to MoldWorks, the company's most important product, R&B Mold & Die Design manufactures and sells two other add-ons, SplitWorks (providing an integrated environment for core, cavity, and side cores) and ElectrodeWorks (a comprehensive electrode design solution).

MoldWorks system requirements

MoldWorks System Requirements

Operating Systems Windows 10 Windows 8 Windows 7

Recommended Hardware Intel or AMD class processor 16 GB RAM or greater recommended

Prerequisites: SOLIDWORKS


In the Readme file in the Crack folder.


R&B Mold Design Products for SOLIDWORKS 2019-05-01