Gemcom GEMS 6.5 + New Crack

Gemcom GEMS 6.5 + New Crack


Gemcom GEMS is software in the field of group geology and mining planning. GEMS software provides a solution for professional mining in underground exploration, modeling, mine design, long-term planning and production scheduling. With GEMS 'unique central database, geologists and engineers can access organized and updated geological and mining data.

Features and facilities of Gemcom GEMS

Simple information flow, access to central data, increase compatibility, improve collaboration, provide information when needed to make decisions quickly

Microsoft Technology Standard Industry integrates with existing technology infrastructure and scalability assurance system

Import block model projects from external sources

Work on tasks such as estimating resources in one package and presenting them to another user

Reduce workflow steps with the ability to select multiple profiles at the same time

Working with large datasets and using more than 100 profiles with integration and reporting features

Advanced ability to import Optech 3D (.xyz files) and mesh files

Extensive ability to import and export Surpac string files

Import the Surpac digital terrain model file as surfaces or solids

Improved sorting capabilities in generating GEMS scheduling for more efficient scheduling

Maintaining a database of geological data

Statistical analysis of geological information

Design and planning of mining

Construction of Hya model real function according to surveying survey

Creation and maintenance of mine and graphic documents

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System requirements

Operating System

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

Windows 8.1 Professional, Enterprise

Windows 7 Pro, Enterprise, Ultimate

32bit – 64bit


Graphic Adapter: OpenGL 256MB RAM


See the Readme.txt file.

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Gemcom GEMS 6.5 + New Crack