Drilling Office 4.0

Drilling Office 4.0


Drilling Office is an integrated set of planning software, and engineers can optimize drilling programs with integrated and comprehensive designs.


Data Browser: A program for easy access to Drilling Office data

Survey Editor: Enables the user to calculate and analyze the mapping direction.

Well Design: Production of geometric design

Close Approach: Enables users to analyze anti-collision hazards.

Power Draw: Manipulate the graphic output created in the Drilling Office

DrillSAF: Torque and pull analysis and BHA trend analysis

Hydraulics: Analysis of hole cleaning and pressure drop for real track

DrillViz: 3D visualization software for automatic model sizing, mapping display and coverage of points and EOU recalculations

DrillMap: Provide information for drilling benefits by showing potential drilling hazards and complex geomechanical models in a format that drillers can easily put to practical use.

OpenSpirit Client: Add the ability to transfer targets and circuits between Drilling Office and GeoFrame

RiskTRAK: A risk management tool that brings a knowledge-based approach to the drilling process.

Sidekick: Advanced gas shock simulator, suitable for developing gas shock and hydrodynamic simulations

System requirements

Operating System

Windows 2000 (SP-2), Windows NT 4.0 (SP-6) Microsoft Office 2000 or newer

Laptop (minimum): 64 MB memory and 4 GB hard disk

Laptop (recommended): 128 MB memory and 4 GB hard disk

Desktop/Server: 256 MB memory and 20 GB hard disk

Screen resolution: 1024 x 768

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5


See the Crack and Patch folders for version 4 of the license and for version 3.1.


Drilling Office 4.0