Black Mint Concise Beam 4.61j

Black Mint Concise Beam 4.61j


Concise Beam is an easy and advanced software for designing concrete beams. Concise Beam software according to the latest version of ACI 318, CSA A23.3 & S6, AS3600 performs a load analysis and design review. The key code parameter can be customized to simulate the design of other codes. Concise Beam is one of the best programs to provide comprehensive concrete beam design solutions that provide 3D CAD design tools for designers and includes specific aspects of the concrete beam industry.

Features and facilities of Concise Beam

Use accurate methods at the right time

Stretch compatibility analysis

Investigation of lateral stability of long beams during lifting and transport

Check the thread and slip of the rebar

Transmission analysis, lifting and final stress

Estimation of movement of deviation, curvature and stamina

Follow the method known and used in PCI handbook design, CPCI manual metric design and NPCA precast concrete

Regular program upgrades with a license

Comprehensive summary report of inputs and results

Output results in text reports and charts

Save many settings by default

Modify the polygon design in the editor section

Investigation of hollow core cut with filled core

Load distribution (including PCI core hollow distribution)

Analyze each user-defined section

Cracked section analysis

Estimation of maximum crack width

Twist analysis

System requirements

A video card compatible with Microsoft Windows OpenGL At least 15.7 MB of free disk space

Supports any printer installed under Microsoft Windows


After installation, copy the file in the Crack folder to the software installation location.