Udemy – Software Ethical Hacking – How to Crack Software Legally 2020-6

Udemy – Software Ethical Hacking – How to Crack Software Legally 2020-6


Software Ethical Hacking - How to Crack Software Legally is a training course from the Udemy site that teaches you how to crack software legally and introduces you to reverse engineering and assembly language. There are several websites on the Internet that design special software for cracking so that those interested can learn reverse engineering by cracking these legal software. This type of software is called CrackMe or ReverseMe.

In this training course, you will get acquainted with the world of software crack and learn the legal hacking of CrackMe software. These softwares have different levels from beginner to advanced level and teach you reverse engineering step by step. This course is also suitable for other fields related to reverse engineering such as malware analysis, exploit development, and software testing, and provides valuable information.

Items that are taught in this course

Crack software serial number

Delete the registry request page

Convert Trial software to full version

Increase 30-day trial time

Reverse engineering training and assembly language

Work on CrackMe software

Ethical Hacking Software Profile - How to Crack Software Legally

English language

Duration: 16:08:26

Number of courses: 132

Level of education: Intermediate

Instructor: Paul Chin

File format: mp4


Course content 132 lectures 16:08:26

Introduction 1 lecture 03:30

Creating a Sandbox for Cracking Software 7 lectures 43:46

Introduction to crackme’s 1 lecture 01:56

Introduction to x64dbg and Detect it Easy (DIE) 1 lecture 05:22

Setting up your cracking workspace and workflow 1 lecture 11:35

Debugger Stepping Basics 1 lecture 26:37

Stepping Into Calls 1 lecture 19:23

Breakpoints 2 lectures 16:49

Reversing Jumps 1 lecture 09:21

How to patch a program 2 lectures 19:54

Summary of Cracking Software Workflow 1 lecture 04:52

Introduction to cracking gui-based programs 1 lecture 04:01

Analyzing the PE for a gui-based program 1 lecture 03:42

Crack the Serial Key using BP on strings 2 lectures 10:06

Windows api functions & the stack 2 lectures 13:47

Patching to bypass wrong serial key message 2 lectures 21:47

Setting Breakpoints on Intermodular Calls 1 lecture 06:51

Setting BP from the Call Stack 1 lecture 03:59

Cracking Registration File Checks 4 lectures 19:12

Removing Nag Screens 5 lectures 28:16

Cracking Trial Period Software 3 lectures 11:12

Cracking Auto-Generated Serial Keys 2 lectures 15:24

Removing Nag Screen by TDC 3 lectures 14:49

Cracking by patching eax register values 2 lectures 13:10

Cracking via Hardware Breakpoints 2 lectures 21:31

How to Change Serial Key By Patching Memory Directly 2 lectures 12:16

xAnalyzer Static Code Analyzer 2 lectures 12:12

Serial Fishing – how to extract serial key 3 lectures 26:31

Cracking Software Protection 5 lectures 35:57

Cracking software using loaders 2 lectures 13:26

Cracking Software’s Anti-Debugging Protection 5 lectures 31:51

Cracking Software that has a combination of Packing Anti-Debugging 5 lectures 46:34

Keygens 4 lectures 21:58

Assembly Language Programming for Reversers 10 lectures 01:55:16

Creating an External Keygen 4 lectures 36:55

Cracking Visual Basic 6 Native compiled software 6 lectures 30:53

Cracking VB6 p-code Software 6 lectures 53:06

x64dbg tools usage 1 lecture 07:56

Cracking .NET Framework Software (C# and VB.NET) 8 lectures 52:35

Cracking .NET Software Protection 6 lectures 56:33

Understanding the Process of De-obfuscation 9 lectures 40:54

Cracking DLL’s 3 lectures 21:21

Bonus Lecture 1 lecture 01:20


Windows PC

Basic knowledge in C, Assembly Language and Win32 API would be helpful but not mandatory


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English subtitle

Quality: 720p


Version 2020/6 has increased by 40 lessons and 4.5 hours compared to 2020/4.


Udemy – Software Ethical Hacking – How to Crack Software Legally 2020-6

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