Udemy – Probability and Statistics for Business and Data Science 2019-9

Udemy – Probability and Statistics for Business and Data Science 2019-9


Probability and Statistics for Business and Data Science is the name of a training course from the Udemy site that shows how to use statistics and probabilities to succeed in business and data science. In this course, you will learn the concepts of theory and how to apply statistical topics to real-world problems, and learn business success techniques. Each part of this course has numerous exercises and questions and teaches you the concepts in full.

At the beginning of the course, we talk about data and how to test it by measuring center orientation and scatter, and then look at how bivariate data sources are analyzed. We then move on to probabilities and learn about composition and permutation. In the following, we will examine the most important distributions in statistics and get acquainted with the binomial, uniform, and Poisson distributions. At the end of the course, we will learn analysis of variance and get acquainted with regression analysis.

Items that will be taught in this course

Familiarity with probability topics

Use statistical topics in business

Use different statistical distributions

Apply statistical methods to business problems

Understand the function of regression models

Familiarity with the chi-square test

Familiarity with data types

Probability and Statistics course details for Business and Data Science

English language

Duration: 5 hours and 14 minutes

Number of courses: 53

Level of education: Intermediate

Instructor: Jose Portilla

File format: mp4


53 lectures 05:14:16

Introduction 2 lectures 05:39

Data 8 lectures 01:00:51

Probability 9 lectures 52:21

Distributions 8 lectures 55:08

Statistics 11 lectures 01:08:31

Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) 7 lectures 34:08

Regression 4 lectures 24:27

Chi-Square Analysis 3 lectures 12:58

BONUS SECTION: THANK YOU! 1 lecture 00:10


Paper and Pencil to take notes

Optional: Excel or Python to run simulations


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Udemy – Probability and Statistics for Business and Data Science 2019-9

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