Udemy – Angular 7 Security Masterclass (with FREE E-Book) 2019-3

Udemy – Angular 7 Security Masterclass (with FREE E-Book) 2019-3


Angular 7 Security Masterclass is the name of a training course from Udemy website that teaches security in web programming and adding authentication and licensing capabilities to Angular and Node js programs. Today, security is one of the most important parts of software development and learning it has become an essential skill for web developers. To become a professional programmer, you need to be at least familiar with the basics of web security and remember how to identify and resolve security issues. Although learning software security is a difficult task and requires years of experience in this field, but this course tries to help you by providing practical topics so that you can learn this important topic more easily.

In this course, an executable and insecure software is used to explain the topics and security layers are applied on it step by step. At the beginning of the course you will get acquainted with the correct method of user management and registration and you will learn how to store passwords in the database. Then you set up the login feature and get acquainted with encryption tools like hash and JWT. Since security is not limited to the client, the instructor works on the Front End with Angular and the Back End with Node js, and tests its penetration by performing multiple attacks on the program. In this course, Auth0 packages are also used, which can be used in other projects.

Items that will be taught in this course

Coding in the Github repository and the ability to download files from each section

Familiarity with the basics of web security

Perform attacks manually to understand how they work

Defend the app against multiple attacks

Full acquaintance with JWT

Design and implementation of identity authentication and program licensing

Add validation capability to the Angular application with the help of JWT

Add RBAC license to application

Angular 7 Security Masterclass Course Details (with FREE E-Book)

English language

Duration: 7 hours and 52 minutes

Number of courses: 74

Level of education: Intermediate

Lecturer: Angular University

File format: mp4


74 lectures 07:52:31

Introduction 6 lectures 25:43

Sign Up Service – Initial Client and Server-Side Implementation 4 lectures 29:05

Password Storage – Hashing and Salting 7 lectures 45:56

User Session Management 13 lectures 01:33:54

Introduction To JSON Web Tokens 7 lectures 38:26

JWT In Practice – Step-by-Step Authentication With JSON Web Tokens 6 lectures 37:20

CSRF – Cross Site Request Forgery 4 lectures 38:17

JWT-based Authentication With Auth0 14 lectures 01:27:17

RBAC Role-Based Authorization 10 lectures 01:04:29

Conclusion 3 lectures 12:13


Just some previous knowledge of Angular and Typescript


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Udemy – Angular 7 Security Masterclass (with FREE E-Book) 2019-3

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