Frontend Masters – JavaScript: The New Hard Parts 2018-7 + Subtitles

Frontend Masters – JavaScript: The New Hard Parts 2018-7 + Subtitles


JavaScript: The New Hard Parts is a course on important, sophisticated and new features of the JavaScript language ES6 and later. iterators, generators, promises and async / await are some of these features. In this tutorial, you will learn about the promises feature and how to implement it to solve the problem of control inversion in asynchronous code design and the use of iterators and generators to fully manage the asynchronous flow.

The course is designed to not only teach you how to use these features, but also how they work; As a result, you are able to solve complex async challenges with the help of call stack, event loop, callback queue, micro-task queue, and browser interfaces (Browser API).

This tutorial first teaches the concept of asynchrony in JavaScript, which is the foundation of modern web development, and then introduces you to the technologies provided by the browser through the API and the conditions for the proper functioning of functions. Learning Promises and its connection to the Microtask queue, nested functions and Generators are other topics in this course. One of the important features of this collection is the question and answer section in each section of the course, which improves learning.

What do you learn?

JavaScript asynchronization: introduction, browser APIs, communication conditions and execution of functions

Promises: Introduction, implementation, work with the Microtask queue

Iterators: Returns other intra-function and Iterator functions

Generators: Constructive functions with dynamic data, asynchronous generators

Async Await

JavaScript Specifications: The New Hard Parts

Publisher: Frontend Masters

Instructor: Will Sentance

English language

Number of lessons: 27 lessons in 6 sections

Duration: 4h 48m


Table of Contents Introduction

Introduction 00:00:00 – 00:06:53

JavaScript Code Execution 00:06:54 – 00:26:26

Asynchronous JavaScript

Introducing Asynchronicity 00:26:27 – 00:38:25

Asynchronous Web Browser APIs 00:38:26 – 00:51:57

Asynchronous Web Browser APIs Q&A 00:51:58 – 00:55:05

Calling the Outside World 00:55:06 – 01:06:11

Calling the Outside World Q&A 01:06:12 – 01:10:56

Wrapping Up Web Browser APIs 01:10:57 – 01:13:33

Asynchronous Exercises 01:13:34 – 01:18:14


Introducing Promises 01:18:15 – 01:22:54

Promises 01:22:55 – 01:42:24

Promises Q&A 01:42:25 – 01:45:48

Promises & Microtask Queue 01:45:49 – 02:07:36

Microtask Queue Q&A 02:07:37 – 02:15:14

Wrapping Up Promises 02:15:15 – 02:17:55


Return Function Inside a Function 02:17:56 – 02:38:41

Return Next Element with a Function 02:38:42 – 02:59:32

Iterator Function 02:59:33 – 03:07:34

Iterators Exercise 03:07:35 – 03:08:58


Generators 03:08:59 – 03:25:41

Generator Functions with Dynamic Data 03:25:42 – 03:47:39

Generators Q&A 03:47:40 – 03:54:23

Introducing Async Generators 03:54:24 – 03:58:48

Async Generators 03:58:49 – 04:19:53

Async Generators Q&A 04:19:54 – 04:23:10


Async Await 04:23:11 – 04:39:30

Wrapping Up 04:39:31 – 04:46:22

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Frontend Masters – JavaScript: The New Hard Parts 2018-7 + Subtitles

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