Plants vs Zombies FREE 1.1.44 for Android +2.3

Plants vs Zombies FREE 1.1.44 for Android +2.3


Get ready to stand against zombies in Plants vs Zombies by planting your plant. And defend your farm and land. Use your 26 plants to fight zombies in 49 different lands and keep your house safe.

Features and characteristics of Plants vs Zombies game

- Win over 30 awards as the best game of the year - 50 FUN-DEAD LEVELS: Deal against zombies in 50 stages of Adventure mode during the day, night, rooftop, farm and and also deal with an infinite wave of zombies in Survival mode - NOT GARDEN-VARIETY GHOULS: Deal against different species of zombies, each of which has a special skill and you need a special tactic to deal with them. - SMARTER THAN YOUR AVERAGE ZOMBIE: In this game, you must always be careful of your resources and use them properly so as not to face a shortage of resources. Also deal with zombies that swim, dance, jump and run. - FIGHT LONGER, GET STRONGER: Gain 49 different skills to progress in the game and earn coins to buy more skills - GROW WITH YOUR GAME: Demonstrate your gaming skills by gaining game achievements - COIN PACKS: Buy in-game coin packs to upgrade skills

Changes in the latest version of Plants vs Zombies 1.1.44

Hello heroic horticulturalists! Weve made some behind-the-scenes changes to keep the plants planting and zombies zombie-ing. Thanks for protecting your lawns.

Features of Mega Mod version

Infinite sun Invincible plants hit kill with any plant Ignore zombie armour Slow zombies (frozen effect) No cooldown (instant planting) Unlock almanac Unlock store Unlock zen garden Infinite coins

System requirements

Android 2.3 and up



- Download the game file and decompress it. Install the program installation file.

- Download the application data, unzip it and copy it to / sdcard / Android / obb. (If there is no obb folder, create it)

- Then run the game.