Battery Calibration [ROOT] 1.1 Ad-Free for Android +3.0

Battery Calibration [ROOT] 1.1 Ad-Free for Android +3.0


With the Battery Calibration program, you will be able to fully calibrate your battery whenever you want. This program does this for you by deleting the batterystats.bin file, so the system creates a file with the same name. It is also recommended that after calibrating, leave it once until the phone is fully charged, then leave it to be 100% full. This app gives you the actual amount of time left until the battery runs out and also only allows you to calibrate the battery when your phone is fully charged. There is also a feature in this software that notifies you with a beep when your charge is full.


- Easy user interface - Calibrate with just one click - Show the actual amount of your battery charge at any time - Accurate voltage display for effective calibration - Compatible with most Android devices - Beep playback when the charge reaches 100%

Battery Calibration Program Tips

- It is better to calibrate the battery with the following method. 1- Charge the phone up to 100% 2. Press the calibrate button. 3- Then discharge the charge completely and then charge the battery without any interruption - Calibration operation is better to do again after each change of ROM.

- The phone must be rooted.

Changes in the latest version of Battery Calibration 1.1

– Updated icon – Added translucent statusbar & navigation bar for devices running KitKat and above – Bux fixes & small improvements

System requirements

Android 2.1 and up



- If there is an installation error, first delete the previous version and then install the new version.

- To use this program, your phone needs to be rooted.