Trumpet 4.4.2 (second hand sales) for Android 4.0 and above

Trumpet 4.4.2 (second hand sales) for Android 4.0 and above


The idea of launching the site as well as the Shipoor application was formed based on the experience and personal interest of its founder (Reza Arbabian) in buying and selling goods outside of Iran. Its initial core was created by the cooperation of two investors, and after that, this startup was able to open a place in the online shopping market by attracting foreign investment. Trumpet Investor is a European company whose details have not been made public!

What is a trumpet?

The space horn, which has been in operation for a few years, has provided a free environment for buying and selling so that everyone from anywhere in Iran can quickly, easily and without intermediaries advertise their goods and services for sale or whatever they are looking for. They are find at a reasonable price.

Everything you can think of, from cars and real estate to mobile phones, laptops, clothes, home appliances and thousands of other types of goods, can be bought, sold and compared.

Trumpet is in the design category of requirements, there is fierce competition in this field and activists such as Divar are working in this field.

This collection has free applications for iOS and Android operating systems, and two-thirds of the horn work traffic is allocated to mobile applications, which according to Google Play statistics have been downloaded about one million times from this market.

In general, using the Shipoor application, you can find the product you want in your city, get better access to them by starring your favorite ads in the "Favorites" list, and sell your second-hand goods quickly, for free, and easily. And manage ads by subscribing and creating an account.

Introducing the trumpet application

For more information, let's take a closer look at the IOS Trump app. In this application, there are 5 menus in the following order, each of which is introduced separately:






Banners in the trumpet

In the "Ads" menu, the goods that people have put up for sale are on display. You can apply the appropriate filters to see only ads that fit your needs and city. If an ad appeals to you, you can star it so that the ad is displayed in the "Favorites" menu.


This menu displays your profile information and the ads you have posted on the horn.


"Sell" menu is the place where your ad is placed, in this place you can consider a photo for your ad, design a title, insert a price, give a description about it and give a description about the group, the desired material and the place of its presentation. And consider the contact number for its applicants. By pressing the "Insert Ad" option, your ad will be sent to the Trump team for review. Your ad will be displayed to the public after review and approval, and at this time you will be sent a confirmation email stating whether or not your ad will be published.


In this menu, you will see the ads that you have starred when you see them together, which allows you to compare them more easily.


The last trumpet menu is "More", which displays a list of do's and don'ts of the trumpet team and contact support.

All of the horn features are free, but you will need to pay a small fee for doping your ads, which will appear at the top of the front page shortly after it is posted.

Now, by installing the horn on your smartphone, sell your goods without intermediaries and also buy new or second-hand goods that others have.

"Before making a purchase or depositing money into an individual account, it is best to make sure that the information in the ad is correct. "For all the steps of your purchase, follow the advice of the trumpet experts and the FATA police not to buy online and their other warnings."

Sheypoor Strengths:

Free application

Buy and sell without intermediaries

Monitor users' published ads

Weaknesses of Sheypoor:

No guarantee for advertised goods

System requirements

Android 4.0 and above


Download the inserted file, transfer it to your device and install it. If you get an error, delete the previous version and reinstall the new version.


Trumpet 4.4.2 (second hand sales) for Android 4.0 and above