TeamViewer Free Multilingual

TeamViewer Free Multilingual


Communication between computers and their remote control is not difficult if they are in a computer network and is easily possible with simple tools such as Remote Desktop within Windows. But if there is no network, another method must be sought to achieve this connection; The German company TeamViewer GmbH has provided this connection by providing TeamViewer software. By installing this software and exchanging ID and password, two users can see each other's operating system from anywhere in the world, so that the active user receives the image of the destination user's computer desktop in his operating system and has access to all its information; Meanwhile, the destination user monitors this event and monitors the active user's use of their computer.

Features and Features of TeamViewer Software

- Easy troubleshooting of the destination computer under its user supervision

- Coordinate image quality with connection speed to create smooth performance at any speed

- Ability to transfer file types between computers

- Very high security of software and encryption of exchange information

- Stop and complete the operation with the decision of the source or destination user just by closing the software

- Ability to connect to multiple computers simultaneously in different parts of the world

- Ability to permanently activate software to connect a person to your computer at any time and place (Wake-on-LAN)

For a while, Iranian IPs were blocked by this software, but now in version 15, this restriction has been removed; In case of re-embargo, it is an alternative to AnyDesk or Ammyy Admin.

- By default, the software assigns to each computer an ID and a random password that allows personalization of the password with high security; To do this, from the Extra menu, select Option and then the Security tab and select the password with different levels of security.

- The security of this software is high, but it is better to leave it if you do not use it.

- TeamViewer software is available for both free and commercial; There is no comparison between the free version and the commercial version on the manufacturer's site, but apparently the connection time limit is the most important limitation of this version. See a comparison of commercial version features here. Some crackers convert the application to the Enterprise version, which is at the corporate level in terms of features.

Version 13 is the latest cracked version of this software, and after that, you can use the commercial versions of this software only by purchasing an account. Of course, the free version (Personal) is suitable for personal use.

From version 12 to version 15, Iranian IPs were blocked by this software, so previous versions of this software may not be usable; Also, you can only use previous versions if one copy is installed on both the source and destination computers.

System requirements

:Operating System

Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP

Windows Server 2012R2 /2012 / 2008R2 / 2008 / 2003

Windows Home Server 2011


Version 15:

This version is free.

Versions 12 and 13:

Copy, run and apply the patch file at the software installation location. Software services must be stopped for the patch to be applied correctly.


TeamViewer Free Multilingual